The beer in all over the world

The beer in all over the world

Did you now that August 7 is International Beer Day? We cannot imagine the world without beer. People love it, and that is whey every country and culture have its favourite. In courtesy of the beer lovers, I have prepared a list of the best beers in the world.

Wisconsin Belgian Red

Each bottle of this fantastic drink is brewed with over a pound of Door County cherries. Its manufacturer has perfected the balance between average beer that is highly carbonated .it is red in colour and has 4% alcohol content.


It is made in Hill Farmstead. It is a perfect beer made from honey saison and brewed in French Oak wine barrels. The result is 6.5 % alcohol drink with aromatic barrel aged Saison. The taste hint honey and citrus content.


Also known as Framboise in the local, is a dark, ruby red beer with no carbonation. It is brewed in 3 Fonteinen, Belgium and has 5% alcohol with strong raspberry flavour.


Their fine beer knows the Brewers at Hill Farmstead. Susan is 6.5% ABV with a nice blend of citrus and grassy notes.

Gone Gone Wild

Stillwater took Westbrook Brewings goes and amped it up to make Gone Gone Wild. In the process, the brewer added an extra dose of Citra and Amarillo hops, fermented if with strains of Brettanomyces yeast to create a juicy and hoppy flavour with 4.3%.


The maker of this brewer created honour from a mix of American malt, German roasted malts, and Hill Farmstead’s yeast. The result was a complex chocolate, coffee and malty sweetness with 7.2 % ABV.

Raspberry Tart

The beer was meant to serve in a cold Champaign adding raspberry flavour. It is fermented in large oak vats resulting to an extravagantly flavoured drink with 4% ABV.

Grassroots Legitimacy

It is another drink from Hill Farmstead Brewery. It has an Indian origin made with two-row malted barley and oats. The pour is hazy golden with 6.7% ABV.


It is a strong mix of Wiscon flavours coming from apples, cranberries and cherries all aged in oak. Serendipity is a fruit ale containing 5.1% ABV.

There are other top beers in the list. They include Westvleteren Extra 8, Beer Geek Breakfast and Saison Bernice