About the Show


This is the show beer and food lovers have been waiting for!

In Breweries, Bars and Beer Food, our host, Chris Spradley will take beer lovers to new places where the art of brewing is on display and the rewards are savored by all.

We’ll also visit local restaurants that specialize in preparing great dishes to pair with your favorite beers as well as how to cook with craft beer as an ingredient. And after each show, we’ll post the recipes so that our viewers can recreate these dishes in their own kitchens!

So whether you’re an old hand at brewing or new to drinking quality brews, tune in with us to the world of Breweries, Bars and Beer Food!

The pilot episode was filmed in April and is now in post-production editing. Check out our Episode Guide for more details as well as Beers With for some bonus features. A preview of the show will be release by the Brewers Association on Tuesday, May 14 as part of the American Craft Beer Week celebration.

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About the Host:

Chris Spradley is the creator of Breweries, Bars & Beer Food and currently works as a consultant for craft breweries, restaurants and bars specifically in the areas of sales, marketing, events, training and draft system maintenance, design and install.

Chris first learned of craft beer in 1994 while in college. His interest and love for good beer has grown exponentially over the years through the hobby of homebrewing, great beer groups like the Louisville Ale Club and the Los Angeles Ale Club, which he founded in 2008, and many friends and beer events over the years.

Living in Southern California was a huge part of his beer education. With so many amazing breweries and events, there were ample opportunities to enjoy and learn about craft beer and even promote craft beer in Los Angeles where it has often been overlooked. His path to working in the industry included work in various roles in the restaurant/bar industry, working as the LA Craft Beer Examiner, passing the Certified Beer Server exam through the Certified Cicerone program as well as completing the Micromatic Dispense Specialist Course to become a draft tech.

Chris is also a big foodie. As a cook for over 25 years, he has an identical passion for creating great dishes in the kitchen, often with beer. His specialties are Southern comfort cuisine, Cajun food and Texas BBQ and of course pairing dishes with the perfect craft beer.  He was even a finalist on the very first season of Master Chef with Gordon Ramsay.

Chris holds a B.S. in Radio/Television Communications with an emphasis in sports broadcasting. He has over 7 years of radio broadcasting experience and is a published writer.

Like most beer lovers, picking a favorite beer or style is difficult but IPAs, Belgians, Stouts and Barleywines are among his favorites. As a craft beer evangelist, he enjoys converting bad beer drinkers into good beer drinkers; true beer evangelism.

Because life is too short to drink bad beer.